The Alliance Labs transforms the lives of resilient young adults who have overcome adversity through training, mentoring and hands-on digital production work.

Our students work with Chicago’s best creative digital communications professionals to deliver a superior product and measurable results.

Together, we can grow your brand while producing highly skilled technical workers who will change the future of our city.

The Experts

Search Engines Want You to Do This…Why Aren’t You?!

The content on your website is written for people to read, right? Wrong. Pretty words are all well and good, but they don’t do anything for your business if your target audience can’t find your website in the first place. To make sure search engines are understanding...

Have You Found Your Digital Agency Soul Mate?

Much like yourself, your business is completely unique — that’s what makes it stand out. In order to give your brand the facelift and exposure it needs, you’ll need a digital agency that is as distinct as it is talented. After all, if a digital agency blends in with...

The Alliance Labs Resident Spotlight: Birhanu Mihretie

The Resident program at The Alliance Labs was designed to create opportunities for Chicago’s dedicated and talented youth who have overcome adversity and aspire to greatness and leadership through careers in technology. These future workers are given real-world,...


We work hard to make experiences better, solutions smarter and brands more beautiful through creativity and craftsmanship.

The School

The school of The Alliance Labs was developed through the model of the traditional trade school: educate, train, employ.